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Universal Design is the newest approach when it comes to public accessibility. It is the practice of making spaces the most accommodating to the most people. For example; the ADA could state that a ramp next to stairs is sufficient to get into buildings, but some people have a very hard time going up and down ramps. The Universal Design approach would be to have a zero entry entrance so more people can enjoy a space with equal effort.

Universal Design is a fantastic and our preferred way of thinking when it comes to designing public spaces. It often goes beyond the ADA to be more considerate of how to make spaces easier to be in for all. However, this way of thinking does not necessarily need to apply to residential homes.

Homes are personal and therefore need to be customized to the people living in them. We do not need to plan for masses of people coming over to your house, but rather your invited guests. What would be considered good Universal Design may not be specific enough for a homeowner. Universal Design is what we practice in our small commercial projects and Barrier Free Design is what we practice in our residential projects.

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