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The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law on July 26th 1990. This act grants equal rights to people with disabilities in five areas; employment, public transportation, public accommodations, telecommunications, and miscellaneous rights. This monumental act has changed the landscape of public accessibility and prohibits the discrimination of people with disabilities. 

When it comes to accessibility requirements, the ADA is our standard for commercial spaces. The requirements are very detailed and inspected by city officials for buildings to pass code laws. The accessibility according to the ADA has made it so many people can access public spaces with ease, but it does not apply to residential homes.

There are no requirements for residential codes when it comes to accessibility. For lack of other resources many people and professionals default to the ADA in their homes but those requirements don't always address the personal needs of how people live in their home. It can be a great starting point for a build or renovation but we always encourage clients to take a customized approach to their home design.

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