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Altadena Project Reveal

A neutral dream! Creamy tones mixed with lots of texture and strategic colors made our Altadena Project a really cozy place to call home. We used furniture to transform traditional spaces into a place suited for a young couple to hang out, make a drink and play games. Our creative process started by taking a formal living room and creating a lounge area. Layered rugs, and a dramatic chandlier set the relaxed tone. The swivel chairs make a fun segway to the formal dining room where a classic wood table and accompanied by timeless linen chairs. Whenever our clients ask what to invest in that can be moved from home to home, we always say a good quality dining table! There is room for a dining table in almost any home and we always recommended investing in a table that will last for years to come.


The biggest change in the family room was moving the furniture group off the wall and centering the placement on the rug. This made for a really functional pass-through behind the sofa from one side of the house to the other. When in doubt, float your furniture! The theme of blue is subtle and ties the spaces together. In this room we opted for architectural chairs to add contrast to the cozy and muted tones. Our personal favorite of this room...the artisan floral grid wall. Frames and gallery walls are for so much more than portraits.

The powder room and kitchen underwent a light renovation to take the spaces out of the 90's and into 2021. The brown cabinets got a fresh coat of paint, we added a crisp quartz countertop and fun cement tile backsplash. The powder room is always a good place to make a statement and we love it when our clients opt for a bold wallpaper. The cool tones keep the pattern from becoming overwhelming.

Everyone's favorite part, the before photos...


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