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Barrier Free Design Guide

It's here, our first ever free digital download! We are experts in Barrier Free Design practices and we want to share some of our best tips and tricks with you. We have gathered so much insight and information over the years and truly believe that all homes should have some Barrier Free elements. A more accessible world is a more inclusive world.

Organized by room, we added our best suggestions for you to incorporate into your home. Barrier Free Design focuses on just that, removing barriers from the home and that looks different for every household. We give a lot of suggestions in this guide but it is designed to take what works for you and leave the rest, or tweak an idea to your needs.

Our Barrier Free Design Guide is now available to download and can be found in our Shop page. No payment is required, this is our gift to you! If you have any questions on Barrier Free Design feel free to email us at

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