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  • How do I know what service is right for me?
    We are happy to suggest the service that best fits your needs during our Inquiry Call. Take into account your budget, timeline, and design expectations when choosing what service to pursue.
  • How do I get started?
    We are so thrilled to pursue a partnership with you! The first step for any service is to schedule an Inquiry Call by completing our form on the Contact page.
  • Do you only accept Barrier Free Design projects?
    We accept projects of all kind and do not require the project to have Barrier Free Design elements. We do stress the importance of making homes more inclusive and accessible and will always give suggestions on how to do that within the project parameters.
  • Can you recommend architects, builders, contractors and trades?
    We can provide recommendations when working with our Full Service Design service. We work with trades on every project and it important that you trust who is hired to complete the construction. We are not contractors. Your relationship with contractors and trades are separate from our contract. We do work closely and collaborate with all professionals on the project.
  • How do you work with Barrier Free Design projects?
    Barrier Free Design is our jam, it is what has inspired us to become a design studio and what drives us to push the boundaries in the world of accessibility. We can apply Barrier Free Design principles to any service and any project. We actually encourage it!
  • Can I incorporate some existing furniture items?
    Of course! We will give you our opinion in the Consultation of what we suggest should stay. Using heirloom pieces adds charm and character to your home.
  • Can I complete my home in phases?
    Absolutely! We design full rooms only and most of our clients complete their home in phases. This ensures you can enjoy a completed part of your home instead of having half finished projects everywhere stressing you out.
  • Do you take clients outside of Arizona?
    Yes! All of our services can be executed within the U.S.
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