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Why We Love Wall Sconces

Lighting one of the most important elements in a design plan. Of course lighting is functional and needed to live, but it also sets a tone, mood, vibe. There isn't anything quite like a good light fixture to bring in function and beauty and wall sconces are some of our most favorite accessories.

Wall sconces have been around for hundreds of years, starting with candelabras on walls that we lit the old fashioned way with fire and gas. That idea took us through the early 1900's and when electricity made it into homes, the idea of wall lighting was here to stay. Today sconces are used mostly for accent purposes but dont let them fool you, they can add a very practical level of functional lighting. Let's talk about wall sconces and how we like to use them in our design applications based on rooms...

For the Bathroom

Uh, we die for a good bathroom wall sconce. Imagine getting ready for a big night out, having a margarita while getting ready and the lighting is just *chefs kiss*. What does that look like? For us it means lots of crisp light directed towards our body to make sure we know what will go on when that flash goes off or spotlight shines on us. Nothing is worse than leaving the house with makeup that looks completely different in the car (yikes!).

Sconces in the bathroom provide a soft light that can make getting ready much more aesthetic and productive. Think ring light, but gorgeous and on a dimmer switch. They also are great at breaking up larger bathroom walls and defining spaces. They add height and rhythm which are all great things. For the bathroom, we suggest hanging your wall sconces 5 feet - 6 1/2 feet from the ground. It all depends on the fixture, height of client, wall detail, and overall goals.

For the Bedroom

A chic way to keep the nightstand clear, put the light on the wall. Bedroom wall sconces add an unexpected design element that can go so many ways. They can be great for smaller bedrooms to maximize table space. They can be great against wall detailing to add a modern pop on paneling or against a bold color painted wall. They can provide a soft light for reading before bed. Some of our favorite bedroom wall sconces include articulating arms and multiple light switch options.

For bedroom wall sconces we suggest hanging them 4 feet - 5.5 feet from the floor, depending on the fixture, bed height, person's preference, and nightstand option.

alabaster wall sconce

For the Hallway

A classic and for good reason. There are so many creative ways to implement a hall way sconce. There can be several lining a hallway of family frames, one to add some night time glow, or a pair flanking entry art or a mirror. This is the original way to wall sconce and we are always here for it. We love using unexpected materials, shapes, and finishes to bring this classic idea into modern times.

For hallway sconces the height really depends on the application. Just be sure however you sconce, they are clear from any possibility of hitting persons of all heights heads and bodies.

For the Kitchen

Another classic with a modern twist, kitchen wall sconces are especially popular when installing open shelves. Honestly, sometimes we love an open shelf idea just to have a wall sconce moment. Whether it is kitchen shelves, a bookcase, or any other shelving adding a light over them takes the style to the next level. They draw the eye up and add that extra layer of accent or task lighting that is always needed.

Of course, our hanging height of kitchen sconces vary with the space. We suggest making sure there is enough room for your tallest item to fit under the light. Sometimes you can only work with what you have and in that case, hang them in a way that makes the most sense to you.


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