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Our Design Process

A solid design process is key in any interior design firm and we would like to share ours with you. We get a lot of questions asking "what do interior designers actually do?". We know the role of interior design can be mysterious, but once our clients understand the value added to their projects the mystery dissolves. The long and short of it is, we listen to our clients, create a design plan that reflects their wants and needs while exceeding their aesthetic expectations, and create documentation to relay the design message to contractors and trades. For a more detailed view of our process, continue reading below.

01. Inquiry

30 minute inquiry video call
Initial consultation
Proposal sent for approval
Contract signing + deposit

Our inquiry process is tailored to get to know your project's wants and needs. We start with an inquiry video call to understand your scope of work, expectations, timeline, and budget. During this call we will explain the differences between our services and guide you to the service we think best fits your project. To move forward in our full-service design process, we will then schedule a initial consultation which typically takes place in the home or virtually if the home is not available. During the consultation we go through another layer of getting to know more specific project details. After the consultation, we will create our design proposal for you to review and approve. If you decide we are the right designers for your project we will have you sign your contract, pay your deposit and welcome you to the Blue Copper Design family.


02. Design

Client homework
Design concept meeting
Design plan development
Design presentation
Design package revisions
Revisions meeting
Design package approval

The design phase is where the creativity happens. During our design concept meeting, we will go over your client homework and our mood board for each space. This ensures we are on the same page when it comes to the design of your home, and all of the functionality you are needing from each space. After the meeting, we will schedule measurements and begin our design plan development. It takes about four weeks for us to completely develop your design plan and we will showcase that to you in our design presentation. During our design presentation, you will see your space in many facets with renderings, floor plans, elevations, details, as well as tangible samples to represent the items and materials. During the presentation, we will take notes on what your loving and what you are reselecting. We provide one week for your official feedback on each product and material, and one week to make those design revisions before presenting again. We offer two rounds of revisions and once your design plan is approved we move to phase three.


03. Design Management

Contractor involvement
Trades begin work
Site visits
Product management 
Delivery management

Now for the fun, design management is the execution phase of your project. If your Project is requiring any contractor or trade involvement, this is when they come in. We start with walk-throughs of the project with every contractor or trade you are considering hiring. It is important to know we are not contractors and our designs are for design intent only. You as the client have the sole responsibility of hiring your contractor. We do provide a list of trades that we have worked with in the past, but have no affiliation with any contractors. If our designs need any revisions for construction purposes, we are happy to make those adjustments throughout the process. We also manage the procurement of most products for your project. Some products need to be purchased through the contractor and we will give you instructions on which products will need to be ordered through them. For large construction projects we will provide a schedule of site visits to check in on your project at various stages. For the products we order we completely manage the receiving and delivery of those items.


04. Installation

Installation days
Project wrap up

The moment we have all been waiting for, the installation phase is where it all comes together. When your construction and trade work has been completed, we will schedule your installation day. This is when our delivery team brings all of your items and carefully places them according to the design plan. Our firm will then begin our styling process by bringing accessories into the home. Our clients have up to five days to approve or return any accessories used to style their home. Installation days can take between one and five days and is an all hands on deck kind process. We asked about you and your pets are not home during our installation day for everyones safety. We then do a grand reveal of your home with all the finishing touches. Within a few days of installation, we will have a photo shoot in your house to capture your space before real life happens. Photo and video shoots can take 1-6 hours depending on the size of the home. We will then leave you with your project wrap up guide and your fresh and beautiful home.


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