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How to Style Your Coffee Table

Decorating or styling a coffee table can create a beautiful and practical vignette on the space. When it is decorated artfully, it elevates the style and feel of a living space. In a small scale it adds layers and textures to a room, but really makes a room look put together and intentional.

The first thing is to gather all the small decor items that would possibly work to decorate the coffee table. Pick out a tray that is different material than the table. Having items on a tray makes things easier when trying to clear for cleaning or different activities, or just the coffee table can be used. Select a tray that is about 18”+ across. It allows to fit more than a couple items on it. Choose material that won’t damage the table surface.

Basic coffee table styling can be broken into different heights-tall, short, and medium. Objects hitting different visual planes and odd numbers are pleasing to the eye. Select tall objects that correspond with the size of the coffee table. Vases are good to use for tall objects. If using a vase for the tall object, a small table requires a small vase, and larger table, larger vase. After placing the tallest object on the tray or coffee table, then move onto the shortest. This can be anywhere from stacked books, a dish, or short candle.

The reason going from tall to short object when styling a coffee table is to balance the placement of the other two objects before adding something else. What space is left determines what the medium object will be. A no fail rule with coffee table styling is adding greenery in some way. If it’s not used for the tallest object, then a small plant is perfect for medium height. Adding a sculptural object adds artistic flair to the table. It is something that has visual light, but there is texture and material. Lastly, use objects that repeat the colors that exist with the other decor that is in the room.

With all of these helpful steps, we hope you have fun creating a beautiful styled coffee table!


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