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Blaker Project Reveal

Desert Oasis is an understatement! We strive to create projects we are jealous and our Blaker Project did not disappoint. Our clients provided the desert hardscape and adorable animals and tasked us with making this backyard oasis sing. We focused our design plan to create 4 sections of entertaining to allow this outdoor space to be used all year round. We kept the color palette true to our favorites, blues & coppers and allowed the wild greenery to pop against the modern furniture. We used performance fabrics to withstand the Arizona sun and give freedom to roam for the chickens and the family dog Lulu. You would never know this gorgeous backyard was in the heart of Gilbert Arizona because of the peaceful energy the foliage and furniture combination bring. Backyards can provide a whole extra home of spaces and function and when you live in a place live Arizona it is a no brainer to utilize the beauty of Mother Nature.


Everyone's favorite part, the before photos...


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