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A Conversation with Aqua Therapy Tubs

Recently we had the pleasure of meeting with Derek and his team of Aqua Therapy Tubs. We were thrilled to meet with like minded business owners with a identical mission to create more accessible homes. We had a great time touring their showroom and learning more about their business, their ideas, and of course their walk in tubs. We have yet to install a walk in tub in one of our projects and after meeting with Aqua Therapy Tubs we are very excited to design a bathroom with one. Read below for our conversation with Aqua Therapy.

Images courtesy of Aqua Therapy Tubs

Introduce yourself. What is the story behind Aqua Therapy Tubs? Why did you start your business?

My grandfather was a WWII Veteran and a proud man. In his later years, I would help him bathe. Back then we didn’t know about accessibility options like walk-in tubs. I started this company 9 years ago after learning about hydrotherapy tubs and the benefits they offered. The idea hit close to home when I thought about the impact I could have on others like my Grandfather. After installing walk in tubs exclusively, I realized most customers needed more than just a tub. We expanded to full bathroom renovations so we could say “yes” to all needs.

Our Mission: To allow every person the ability to age in their homes safely, comfortably and with the dignity they deserve.

How do your walk in tubs operate? What is the installation process?

Our tubs are very easy to use and all aspects are ADA compliant. They are designed to allow the user to have the independence to bathe with little to no assistance. Most tubs are installed within 2 days so it is a minimal disruption to the household.

Do you only install walk in tubs?

We specialize in safe and accessible bathrooms. This includes installing anything from a grab bar to a full bathroom renovation for accessibility. We offer wheelchair transfer tubs, bariatric tubs, hydrotherapy personal spas, barrier-free showers, accessible vanities, wider doorways, hard surface flooring or anything else to make our customers safer in their bathrooms.

What do you wish more people knew about accessible design?

I wish more people knew they can have a functional bathroom that is exceptionally beautiful also. We still see many clients who think the bathroom will look like a hospital when we are finished. After showing them some of the possibilities, they get excited about their new accessible and gorgeous bathroom.

What is one recommendation you give to your clients when creating an accessible bathroom?

We always recommend creating the bathroom exactly how you want it. Don’t worry about the next person who buys the house. The bathroom will be beautiful and functional to the next person whether or not accessibility is a concern.

What is a design trend you have been loving?

Barrier free wet rooms are always a favorite of mine. The simplicity and beauty are hard to beat.

What is the best way to start the process of working with you?

Reach out for a free consultation. We will go over all options and help you make the best decisions based on what matters most to you.

Contact Information:

Aqua Therapy Tubs

20805 N 19th Ave. Unit 8

Phoenix, AZ 85027



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