hi! my name is maegan


Allow me to introduce myself…


Hi!  My name is Maegan! 


I wanted to take this first post for an introduction (typical).

I am the owner, founder, and lead designer here at Blue Copper Design.  I started this design firm in October 2018, and it has been such an eye opening, fun, and challenging experience so far and I don’t expect that to change any time soon. 

I live in Queen Creek, Arizona with my husband Chris and our dog Odin.

(she is all over my insta stories so check her out there).

I have lived in Arizona my whole life, all around the Phoenix area and I consider myself a total #desertdweller. Give me sun all day every day and who ever wants the rain, cold, and snow they can gladly have my share.

If I am not designing you can find me pursuing the aisles at Target, snuggled on the couch watching Netflix, in a swimming pool somewhere or most recently in my backyard where I am taking up gardening and trying to keep my plants alive. 

I never thought I would ever be a “blogger” or have a blog, but here I am!  If there is one lesson I have learned in my life it is: 

“Never say Never”

(the Beibs got it right on that one)


I have worked in the interior design industry for 2 years at various retail stores and design firms, and it has always been a dream of mine to live the entrepreneur life and own my own design firm.


I started Blue Copper Design with the mission to provide high quality design services to Adaptive Design clients.  

What is Adaptive Design you ask?  

It is any design plan that is customized to anybody’s personal needs.  We all need different requirements from our spaces to live a happy and comfortable life and it is my mission to provide that to every body.


I have been a wheelchair user since 2009 because of a spinal cord injury that left me a quadriplegic. Yes, being paralyzed has its challenges, but I made a promise to myself that I would not let my new body slow me down…and it hasn’t.


So here I am, writing my very first blog, for my interior design firm’s website, explaining my definition of #adaptivedesign.


All things I would have never thought would happen in my life.  


I could not be more grateful for all of those who have read to this point, and I would love any and all comments on what blog topics you would like to see in the future.  



maegan blau

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